Holiday stress

Sometimes when trying to finish up work before going on holiday, it always feels really stressful and you wonder if it is worth it. I kind of had one of those days but mostly it was my fault that I felt stressed and left work at 7pm. This morning I was already in a holiday mode and spent a lot of it not really doing much. Did some shopping at lunchtime, got back to the office and then decided to knuckle down and get some work done. Around three o’clock I was starting to get tired, a good old cup of tea and an Oreo soon sorted me out. Then some chatting around the campfire chatroom with colleagues, which I always enjoy and a five o’clock phone call with the Californian life coach. So before I knew it was 5.30pm and I still had stuff to do. Oops. Anyway, managed to get it done and left work at 7pm. Now I’m at home enjoying a Manhattan with dark chocolate.

I actually met up with a friend on the way home tonight and I was telling her my story of the train journey from hell last night. It is quite a funny story and she said I should tell it on here. Not sure if I can translate it just as well but here I go. Got to Fenchurch Street at around 10.12pm and thought great I can get the 10.20pm train back to Upminster. No, that was not to be. There was engineering work going on in a different area to where I live so the train company decided to change the 10.20, so it wouldn’t go to Upminster. This meant waiting for the 10.40 – which was fine as about 10 mins after getting to the station it arrived. I got on, sat down and listened to my ipod. At around 10.39 I could see lots of people running past my carriage to get the train. Then it dawned on me that I wasn’t going anywhere – but the first four carriages where going to Upminster and the carriage that I was on was staying put. So much so that I was trap on the train. The doors wouldn’t open as no one was meant to be on the train! I banged on the window to a drunk man who tried to open the door for me which was nice of him but then he disappeared apparently to get help. Obviously too pissed as no one came to my rescue. Now I could have stayed on the train until it was ready to leave but then again it might be going to the depot and I didn’t want to risk that! Luckily a lady walked past and I managed to get her attention and she very kindly got someone to open the doors for me – whew! Told some staff about my nightmare but then I had to get the next train to Upminster. Got on the 11.00 train which was packed but luckily got a seat. At 11.08, the train still haven’t moved and then it was announced there was a problem with the doors – hah! So got on the next train at 11.10 which left at 11.12. This meant I had just spent an hour at Fenchurch Street station and not gone anywhere! I should have just spent more time out with friends drinking and then this wouldn’t have happened. But it does make an interesting story of either my stupidity or something seriously amiss with the staff at Fenchurch Street station!


1 Response to “Holiday stress”

  1. 1 Cynical Scribble September 4, 2008 at 11:05 pm

    haha what a nightmare!
    Trains scare me for that very reason you said there. Once you’re on and the doors close, you’re stuck not matter what. On the very rare occasions I do get a train (I’ve had to get about 2 trains in about the last 5 years) I check, double check and check again that I’m on the right platform etc. I think I’ve developed a minor phobia about them.
    I’ll stick to my little brum brum thanks šŸ˜€

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