Back to writing

Well I’m back from the Lake District and back to writing on my blog. A big thanks to my three friends who found the time to write on my blog while I was away. All three posts were great and I hope all my readers enjoyed them – all three of you! Actually the numbers for my blog have gone up over the past month especially since I wrote about the Conor Oberst gig. There is a lot of people out there looking for the setlist for his concerts. Six months ago on a miserable Saturday I started this blog with two posts – “Hello World” and “Mid Life Crisis” – as something to do. Something to stop me wasting my time in front of the TV. Something to get my brain working and most probably to stop me thinking too much. I have written 172 posts since then and still have a few unfinished ones to complete. I’m amazed as how I keep coming up with ideas as to what to write about. Thinking of ideas for Mike to write about was easy and maybe I will write about rye whiskey one day but most probably not about marathon running. My best friend Marina said she started with three different ideas before getting in to the rhythm of it. One day the ideas might run out and then this blog will turn into nothing or completely something else like a place where I can just write one or two words. Hang on, that’s Twitter.

So six months has passed since I started this and what else have I done. Well, I have completed one course with the Open University on web design (the results should be posted to me soon) and I have just signed up to do another course with them on web applications. Funnily enough I’ve always wanted to play around with websites and designing them and it has been only in the past six months that I have done anything about it. Having some encouragement at work about this (thanks to Mike) has really boosted my confidence in trying to achieve my dreams. I’m still a long way off from knowing everything about technology but at least I have started. Also, my boss is letting me take a day course in HTML and CSS in October something I would have never suggested a couple of years ago. Another thing that I kept saying I would do and never did before and that was go back to ice skating. Admittedly I might have started this before my blog but only by a few weeks. I love skating even if I am on my own but I enjoy my own company. Even injuring my elbow again won’t stop me from going but I’m now buying myself an elbow protector. Running is another thing I started and still do. I might be crap at it but I’ll keep going at it. Listening to new and different styles of music is another thing that I have been really getting in to lately and going to the V Festival in August was an experience. So here is to another six months of blogging but I do wonder how many times I have repeated myself and if anyone notices. Maybe I could start recycling my posts as I don’t think anyone read them way back in March!


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