I’m not going to write about the disturbing book by Patrick Suskind called Perfume as that is just odd. What I’m talking about is women who wear too much of it. Walking through Embankment Station tonight was just full of women dressed up, most probably going to one of the many theatres in the area and trying to intoxicate everyone else with their fumes. How do these women manage to keep their perfumes on – what I mean is that I wear perfume everyday and I can never smell it, which makes me thinks no one else can. But do I want to have everyone else smell me, so why do I wear it. Most probably because I get given a lot of perfume as my birthday is in January and all the perfume counters are selling off all the perfume sets cheap! The perfume I am wearing at the moment is Rose by Paul Smith, which I like as it is a light perfume unlike the days of the later 80s/early 90s of Poison by Christian Dior. Or Dewburry perfume from the Body Shop – that just reminds of being 15/16 at school. One of my friends had different perfumes for day and night, that might not be unusual but it was funny how she brought them with her when we all went skiing!

Well, that is enough moaning about perfume and hopefully now I won’t get anymore cheap perfume sets for my birthday but then again I might do, as most of my family don’t read or even know about my blog! Which brings me to the question “do I tell my parents about my blog?”. Most probably not, otherwise I would have to be really careful about what I write about especially when I’m complaining about my crap education or why I wasn’t very picked up at night from parties or ice-skating and had to rely on parents of friends. Blimey this has turned in to a moan – oh well, I feel better for it.


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