The Paralympics

I feel I should write about the Paralympics and shamefully say that I haven’t really watch much of them.  After the excitement of the Olympics and watching it for nearly 24/7 and missing it when it had finished, I seemed to have missed the Paralympics completely.  All I have seen of it is a couple of 30 minute programmes on BBC 2 over the weekend.  The real shame of this is that Great Britain did really well and came second on the final medal table with a total of 102 medals!  42 gold medals, how great is that! This can’t be completely my ignorance in not watching the Paralympics as I did with the Olympics – I think there hasn’t been as much coverage in the press or on the TV as there was for the Olympics.  Well, I think it is great what all Paralympians have achieved in just taking part, let allow the competitors that won medals.  Well done to them all but I feel quite proud of the Great Britain Team for doing so well.

A short post today – not feeling myself, hope I’m not coming down with a nasty virus or is it really that I must stop worrying about things!


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