I might have mentioned before that I work in tourist central – Covent Garden. It still amazes me how I can spot a tourist a mile off from the group of Germans, the American couples and the French students. It’s not normally by their accents but by what they are wearing. The reason I mention this is by the American couple that walked past me today – slightly overweight with yellow satin bomber-style jackets with a NASCAR logo on it. Such a nice look?! The French students always look the same, a slightly odd mixture of clothes and from memory French students have always looked the same. Now I can’t really complain about tourists in London as they provide a lot of money for us and keep the London Eye going round. Also, it would mean that London would be a very dull place.

I wonder what other countries think of the British on holiday – Spain is an obvious one as it would be full of lager louts and very sun burnt families in Union Jack shorts! But what about cities like New York or Paris – have the British got a “look” that distinguishes us from the locals. Would it be that, whatever the weather, we always have an umbrella and a coat. That “just in case it rains” look. For any British tourist in the USA, would it be by the amount of shopping bags that one can carry at one time. The over 70s would be all dressed in beige and carry empty Carlton bags arriving in a city by coach. My next trip aboard will most probably be in San Francisco early next year so maybe I should find a non-tourist look so I could blend in or go completely the other way and walk around with a Union Jack umbrella the whole time.


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