Today’s thoughts on… Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown – married to PM Gordon Brown or as Barack Obama called him when visiting the UK a few months ago, Prime Minister Brown. And she is a PR expert. That definitely shows from the past couple of days. Gordon’s popularity was slipping down and then at the Labour Party conference Sarah made a surprise guest appearance on the stage beside her husband and now the press (they do matter more than the public as they will persuade the said public by their opinions on who to vote for) love her and, now Gordon too. Then, today Sarah Brown was photographed with Sarah Palin in New York at a charity event. These pictures were all over the news sites and the evening press but no pictures of Gordon, who is in NY to speak at the UN and to meet President Bush tomorrow (I know all this thanks to Twitter and No. 10!).

Now, does this mean that the press were interested because of Sarah Brown (or Palin) or was it because they were photographed together? Sarah Brown was very clever last week by hosting an event for London Fashion Week with lots of high profile models and designers mingling at No. 10. So she must be a great PR agent to have and maybe she could swap places with Gordon or will she do a “Hillary” and stand for party leader in years to come.


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