It’s the weekend…

… and I’m busy drinking while nursing sore knees, neck ache and a slight headache. I think I’m falling apart or as my mum put it to me earlier, it’s a sign of getting older! Cheers mum! The sore knees is from ice-skating. I haven’t been for ages since I did my elbow in again back in August and now my knees ache. Trying to get back in to exercise is tough. Then I had my hair cut – why hasn’t someone designed a more comfortable way to wash hair. I always have a sore neck after I have been to the hairdressers. Liking my haircut though (pictures on my flickr account if you are interested) – my hairdresser wants to cut it even shorter but I remember having my hair really short when I was a teenager and I just remember looking like my brother! We will see if my hairdresser can get round me next time. My headache is from me just worrying about myself again – I get like this now and again. I just need to stop it – now! Blogging and drinking a mixture of Manhattans and beer has helped! Tomorrow is a day of studying so I’m hoping that I’m in better form. Cheerio all!


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