Being selfish

I’m not naturally a selfish person, I will do anything (within reason!) for anyone, I have an ability that I just can’t say no and don’t want to hurt or upset anybody unintentionally. This doesn’t always make life easy especially when you end doing stuff you don’t like. Saying no at work is a lot easier for me now but years ago I would say yes to everything and get myself in to a real pickle. After that colleagues stopped asking me to do stuff for them which is just as bad as having too much to do. I still like being involved in everything that is thrown at me but nowadays it always seems to be work that I enjoy (touch wood it stays like that). Writing my blog is a kind of self-indulgent for me, so is studying for my course. I’m sure my husband is still jealous of the laptop because of the amount of time I spend on it. At least it stops me watching all the crap on TV.

I believe I am only selfish when I’m busy worrying about myself, which normally means worrying about my health. I have a habit of worrying myself sick and boring my friends, family and colleagues about it. I must become really tiresome for everyone and I would like to apologize for that. Once I snap out of it I’ll be alright until the next time it happens, which from memory is about every two-three years when I’m this bad. Other times I only worry for about a day or two. Amazingly, until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t worried about my health since January. At least I have Rescue Remedy to hand (which tastes like Sherry and helps to keep me sane). Another self-indulgent post- sorry everyone.


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