Out and about with the Essex ladies

This is going to be a rush, this post today. Thanks to the WordPress app on my iPod touch I can write something, albeit short and most probably spelt badly, while sitting on the train. Otherwise I wouldn’t have to time to write anything. I’m out tonight with old school friends for some drinks. A few of them are mums so I imagine it’s going to be a real full-on piss up for them. The venue will be local and the crowd will be local, which means lots of Essex gals and guys, ummm not sure what tonight will bring. It will be a laugh and nice seeing school friends I haven’t seen in about two years. Maybe that’s why I haven’t got kids, the thought of only ever going out once very six months in a big group of women who have to drink lots of cheap white wine just puts me off (plus labour doesn’t seem like fun!). But that is a whole different issue/story, I’ll save that for another time.

Back to Essex drinkers, maybe working in London has tainted my brain but I can normally tell Essex groups from other groups. The accent (really the lack of ‘h’ and ‘t’ in most words) and the ability to think they are better than anyone else. Think themselves as rich like the Beckhams and like to show off the latest watches/bags/jeans. Have big expensive Range Rovers. All fur coat and no knickers. But this all stems from the East End roots that most Essex(ans) including myself have. Working class and poorly educated. Now we have bling and people paying for private education to show off to the neighbours. We are a rare breed and don’t really do anything to change everyone’s stereotype of us. As I am from Essex I can write this but I was born in London so should I say I’m from Essex or London?

I’m off out now but I might have to re-read and edit this tomorrow and apologize to the people of Essex for dissing them!


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