Winter – pros and cons

As with many things in life sometimes you need to write down the pros and cons of certain aspects of it. Examples could be about your job, buying a new car or if you take an A’Level in Latin. As winter approaches it made me feel like I should write some pros and cons about it, which unsurprisingly I don’t think I would do for the other seasons.

Pros: snow – if we get any that is; log fires – especially if these are located in a traditional English pub; soup – there is nothing nicer than a big bowl of hot soup with warm bread on a cold day; big coats, hats and scarfs; walking over the woods and being able to see through the trees; roast potatoes, Christmas – the good bits of Christmas are mince pies, Christmas pudding, champagne, decorating the tree, wrapping presents and giving presents. Playing card games around my parents on a Saturday night (we only ever do this in the winter?!). Running in the dark – I quite like this as I seem to run better in the cold and no one can see me looking hot and sweaty.

Cons: short days – it is already starting to get dark at around 6pm; Christmas, the bad bits – present shopping with millions of others and trying to think what to get people who normally have everything is just a miserable way to spend my time, writing out Christmas cards, all the hype surrounding Christmas TV, the same food on Christmas day and Boxing day (actually the same timetable as well for both days every year), rubbish buffet food at Christmas parties. The rubbish British weather – one day it will be really cold and dry and then mild and rainy the next day! Feeling miserable due the lack of sunshine; colds and coughs; never seeing the garden until the weekend, just to discover that everything is dead; dry skin especially on my hands.

I’m sure I will think of others over the course of the next few days but as you can see it is a real mix of good and bad. I just hope we have some decent snow this year, maybe on Christmas day so I get snowed-in, then Christmas dinner would be soup followed by a walk in the snow. Finish the day off with a cocktail and a mince pie (plus no TV all day!). Now that sounds like a good day.


3 Responses to “Winter – pros and cons”

  1. 1 Evans October 18, 2008 at 9:37 pm

    Nicely put – the big cons for me is that I live in a big house, and keeping it heated in the winter is a massive nightmare.

    I like the tone and style of your writing – only if I had such talent 🙂

    Nice site by the way!

  2. 2 riceman April 29, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    hey! thanks so much for your written work!it going to help me for my debate this upcomming month!

  1. 1 Intense Keyboarding » Winter Wonderland? Trackback on December 14, 2009 at 4:37 pm

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