A breath of fresh air

After spending all day today studying, I now know what it must be like for all the old folks in old-people homes. I suppose I’m lucky that I had the computer to keep me company, learning new stuff on web applications is good for the grey matter (as Hercule Poirot would say) and my music quietly playing in the background. Even with all these things to keep me entertained, half-way through the day I just stood outside in the cold air, just to get an airing (as my nan used to say). Now that I’m overloaded on too much information and my brain is tired I’m hoping to go out for a walk/run/to the pub, just so I can get outside and breathe some fresh air. When over the age of 80 and living in a retirement home this must be one of the most common causes of deterioration in mental and physical attitudes. I’m not saying all homes for the elderly are like this but I have been in a nursing home and it was just awful. Lots of elderly people in a long line of chairs in front of a very small (fuzzy) TV. The smell of cooked food and urine was really noticeable and from what I can remember, as it was quite a few years ago, no windows were open. This home had quite a large garden but I couldn’t see anyone out there or any benches or chairs for the people to use.

This is a rather sorry state of affairs for the elderly who need looking after. My grandparents were luckily enough to live in sheltered housing so they had their own apartment but there was a communal area and a warden on site all the time. Independence with the comfort of someone there in case of an emergency. There is one home near where I live and I imagine it is expensive but it does seem to take in to account that old people need comforts too. From outside I can see a large conservatory and outside of that is a large patio with tables and chairs and large summer umbrellas. The main lounge is at the front of the home and I can see the large flat-screen TV. It looks clean and tidy from outside so it gives the impression of being clean and nice inside. If I have to ever go in to a home when I’m really old, this is the sort of place I would like or better still a warden-controlled apartment.

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