A 10-minute blog

After busy studying and empty/filling up the dishwasher, I completely forgot that I still had to write my blog. So as I still have a bit of reading to do and then it is time for some sleep I have given myself ten minutes to write, edit and publish something. Now I’m stuck with what to write about…

Studying – maybe… but I’ve spent so much time on this lately that I don’t think I can write about it as well.

Oil – watching breakfast news this morning and a small segment was on the decline of the UK oil supplies. Amazed to hear that my contact lenses are made from oil. I already knew that all plastics and made-made fibres were derived from oil but I had never thought about what my lenses where made from.

Christmas – actually saw some Christmas cards and decorations in Paperchase today. Maybe I am getting little bit excited about it.

Decorating – I have decided that I don’t like the paint that I had chosen for the hallway. The grey just looks too blue. Maybe I will go for cream instead or white walls. I don’t think the hall will be finished before the end of the year, it is amazing what you get used to!

Well, my ten minutes are up – a proper post tomorrow, I promise.


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