Saturday’s thoughts – Electric Proms and “chick lit”

The Electric Proms on the BBC, five nights of new music at three venues in the UK. Not all of it is new music as The Streets, The Last Shadow Puppets and Oasis are all playing as well as lots of artists that I don’t know. Last night I watched the Last Shadow Puppets and they were excellent. I’m listening to it again while typing this, courtesy of the BBC. I just wish I could get the audio version of this performance on my iPod. Listening to live performances is great and just adds another dimension to the records that I may or maybe not already know. Alex Turner from the Last Shadow Puppets (and the Artic Monkeys) is the only man I know who can pull off the roll neck and suit look – he just looked so cool! Just for that it is worth getting the album, so I’m going to download it later. Oasis are playing tonight so I might very well watch that later.

Thought no. 2 – reading a book that you don’t want to read but have to because someone has lent it to you. My sister-in-law came round ages ago and brought two books with her for me to read. Great, I thought (not really!), especially as I’m still in the middle of getting through the 100 Big Read. They were both “chick lit” books – something to do with a Chocolate Lovers Club. So they went on my bookshelf to collect dust. Now she wants them back so her friend can borrow them and now I feel I have to read them (or at least one of them!). Started it yesterday, and God, it’s boring, and if you ask me(!) it seems to be based loosely on Sex and the City but in London and with chocolate instead of Cosmos. So I’ve read about 80 pages (skimmed them really) and now searching on Google for a full book review so I can blag my way by saying that I’ve read it. I don’t read “chick lit” books – the only ones I have read were the Shopaholic series but that is mainly because it involved shopping. I’m much more of a murder mystery type of reader or anything with a real storyline!


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