One problem with winter and the long dark evenings is how sleepy it can make me. Then I have the problem where it gets to about 10pm and I suddenly wake up and then I can’t get to sleep. Then I’m really tired in the mornings and an invisible arm keeps hitting snooze on the alarm. When I’m tired it takes me twice as long to make any decisions so deciding what to wear in the morning takes me longer. Getting my brain going at work when I’m tired is tough but normally after my tea and toast I get going. I can also get grumpy and miserable when tired. I can worry more about things when I’m tired. I also find it hard to write interesting stuff on my blog while I’m tired. So on that note I’ve got the dishes to put in the dishwasher and then I’m off to get some sleep. Maybe tonight I will get to sleep straight away and not have any weird dreams so I will feel rested and wide awake tomorrow. Goodnight all and sweet dreams.

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