A modern day witch hunt

Oh, yes the tabloids have it in for Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross after the “manuelgate” incident. I read “manuelgate” on the front page of the mirror – not mine I have you know. For my readers outside the UK, you won’t have a clue who and what I’m talking about, sorry. A quick ‘Twitter’ line about the story – “Two comedians on the BBC made foul remarks about an ageing actors granddaughter on a radio show. One resigned and the other suspended for three months”. Not really a big deal, they have both apologised and the granddaughter is over 18. Apparently only two complaints on the night about the incident. Then the tabloids got involved, obviously a light week in the news front (not forgetting the US presidential vote and wars still going on in Iraq and Afghanistan) but hey, The Daily Mail and The Sun have to find something to write about. So since this story went all high and mighty the complaints soared to 27,000, Russell Brand quits, the Radio 2 Controller resigns and Jonathan Ross is suspended for three months.

I have read a few articles about this and most of the complaints are actually because it is the BBC and “we” pay for a TV license for the privilege of watching TV. Saying that the presenters are over paid and should be sacked. Does this mean that if this had happened on Channel 4 or on Five then it would never have gone this far? Now there is a fear that the BBC will start controlling comedies more, which just means boring Sunday afternoon comedy shows instead of comedies like The Office or Never Mind the Buzzcocks. I am sure that the granddaughter has made her fair share of money out of this story, selling her side of the story to The Sun. She will most probably be on Celebrity Big Brother next. Shame as comedy is the only good thing about TV.

Being Halloween I should be writing about some of the true ghost stories I know but those will have to wait for another time as I have about five different stories that have been told to me over the years and now they have all merged in to one! I’ll sort them one day just like my home filing system!


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