America decides

I feel like I should write about the US elections that has been going on for months and hopefully concludes tomorrow. But maybe not as it is all over the press, the internet and TV so I should really leave the story alone. My opinion over thousands of other voices won’t make a bit of difference to the result especially as I don’t live in America. It is quite interesting to see the difference between an US and an UK election. From what I can remember from the last UK election was a few “party political adverts” on the TV that no one ever watches and the famous swingometer that Peter Snow presents on the day. I don’t remember any big rallies or stadium speeches or flag waving (that normally only happens for the Queen and sporting heroes). British politics is boring, just look at Gordon Brown and I don’t remember we even got the chance to vote for him. But he is better than having the Conservatives in power. I’m sure there will be a lot more flag waving and celebrations and street parties (I imagine) tomorrow In the USA as the winning is announced and the UK press will be full of the events. I do believe there is more press coverage for the US candidates then there was for last UK election but maybe I just ignored it. Personally I hope Obama wins but who knows how the voting will go. Shame the rest of the world cannot vote because whoever wins in the Presidential race will in theory, be in charge of the whole world except, maybe the French!


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