Not always but a majority of the time a weekend can fly by you without even realising that it had begun. All week you promise yourself all sorts of things that you can accomplish on the weekend. Interesting things like visiting friends or reading last weekend’s Sunday papers. I’m not including drinking in this as I don’t need to promise myself – it just happens! Even dull things like ironing or clearing out your wardrobe so you will be ready for winter that need doing at the weekend. I’m writing this on a Saturday evening and all I managed to do today is about two hours worth of studying, buy some body lotion from town and go for a quick run. Getting up late didn’t help matters as was having a late Friday night. I had planned to get a lot more studying done, tackle some ironing, read the papers and go to the local library. The local library was shut by the time I got there. 4pm is a really stupid time for a library to shut on a Saturday. But that must be because I live in such a small town that is full of old people and families who don’t venture outside after 4pm. I also know that there is a lot of old women in my town due to the fact that the local Boots the Chemist having a whole section for “Bladder Sensitives”! One more thing to look forward to when old.

Another thing about weekends, especially in the winter, is that feeling that all you want to do is nothing! With all the things that you would like to do but just don’t have the physical or mental ability to get your butt in gear. It must be a nightmare for those with kids but maybe kids stop you from being lazy. Well, I’m still living the teenage life except paying for a home isn’t as much fun as living at your parents home cheaply. But I don’t think I could ever move back home with my parents, that is just too scary to even think about. Hoping to go out later and watch some fireworks but then again the pub might be more interesting.


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