I have a love-hate relationship with skiing. I first went when I was about 24 (I think) to Sol in Austria. Austria is a beautiful place in the winter but unfortunately the year I went there was hardly any snow and the day we left it rained. So I had my first ski lessons on the only three slopes that were open in the local area. All my friends and family who could ski had to get ski buses to other areas that were higher up and had more snow. Admittedly, I did quite enjoy the skiing that year, even on the red runs but I did have a really nice teacher. I have been five times now – three times in Austria and once in Italy and France. One year the teacher was so obnoxious that I dreaded the lessons so much that the last three days I didn’t go. So I had to go out the family and friends, which isn’t such a good idea when you aren’t very confident at sticking two pieces of wood on to your feet and throwing yourself down a snow-capped mountain.

The whole idea of skiing and snow boarding sounds great but if like me, it is just plain too scary at times. Apres-ski is great fun and the scenery is wonderful. Walking about in ski boots and carrying skies is not fun. The last time I went skiing, I used Snow Blades instead, which are like really short skies – so much more lighter and easier to use. Ski fashion has also changed for the better, largely thanks to snow boarding. My actual ideal ski holiday would be to wear the cool clothing but not actually ski. I would hang around the cafes during the day reading and drinking hot chocolate and in the early evening when everyone is coming off the slopes meet up with them for beer and tales of skiing. One of my best highlights of a skiing holiday was ice-skating on a frozen lake in Austria – so I suppose that really does sum up my relationship with skiing, it’s OK but there are better things to do in the snowy towns of Europe.


3 Responses to “Skiing”

  1. 1 Kate November 10, 2008 at 11:41 am

    I’ve never been myself (almost wet myself once, laughing while attempting dry slope skiing, and after that decided it probably wasn’t for me….!).

    Anyway, Stephen Fry said in his America documentary that he loves going skiing with friends but never does the skiing bit, just gets a cable car or somesuch up to the highest cafe and sits there drinking hot choc with large tots of something alcoholic in it. Sounds like the way you need to go too!

  2. 2 PimpMan007 November 11, 2008 at 1:00 am

    I can’t believe this post. Snow Blades are LAME! Skiing is OK, but snowboarding is, simply put, Off The Hook!

    Posing in snowboarder garb doesn’t make you look cool. In fact it makes you look like a poseur.

    Even if you could only go down the bunny hills and kids slopes it is still much more noble to go out and try it, rather than just posing like you do it. Don’t be scared. Have heart.

    And if you can’t go it alone, then rally some friends and get them to learn snowboarding with you.

    But seriously, there is nothing worse than posers who are wrapped up in looks. I’d rather see people like you wear the old school bright neon colored clothes! Now those kinds of clothes are radical!

  3. 3 Michelle Best November 11, 2008 at 11:02 pm

    Kate – thanks for the top tip of hot choc with tons of alcohol!

    PimpMan007 – thanks for the comment. OK, I’ll dig out my retro all-in-one ski suit for my next trip. But honestly I don’t think that will be for a few years as I keep finding trips to San Francisco more appealing!

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