Magazines and spending

I don’t buy magazines very often nowadays but if I do it would be Vogue or InStyle. Heavyweight glossy mags. And full of glossy adverts. Well, my mum gave me a copy of Marie Claire which she got free with some other woman magazine – I don’t think I have ever purchased Marie Claire before. It is in a handbag size that most magazines now seem to print but the weight of the thing hasn’t got smaller. Most of the weight comes from adverts and not glossy ones like in Vogue, no, there are adverts for toothpaste, glasses, shaving foam and sweeteners. Where was the ads for Gucci and Chloe. If all the adverts were taken out of the magazine then it would only be about 100 pages instead of 425. All that paper wasted.

Anyway, I’ve now realised why I don’t buy magazines very often, it just makes me want to spend a shed load of money on clothes and make-up. Like I must buy a new outfit for all the Christmas parties that I’m going to… well, the one party and it’s not really a party, more of lunch albeit a very nice lunch with champagne. I have enough problems with working in Covent Garden without mags telling me I should wear this and that… arghh! If only I could win the Premium Bonds (gambling but you don’t lose your money!), only a few grand and then I could have a big spend up. That would keep me happy until the spring season starts and all the nice new clothes. Doomed, that’s what I am, doomed to spend my money on clothes.


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