For years, actually maybe all my life, I have this strange habit of always saying sorry but not in a sorry I’ve done something wrong but more of a sorry that I have to interrupt you or sorry, can I ask you to do something for me. I’ve noticed that I keep doing this a lot lately and then I realised today that there is no need for it. Not sure what changed my mind but it’s a good start. The problem is that I think I’ve created it in to a habit and breaking that habit is going to be hard. It’s like trying to stand tall – I only remember to do that when I see old people bent over shuffling along. Even playing team games like soft ball or badminton I would say sorry all the time. Sorry for missing the ball/shuttlecock. Sorry for hitting the shuttlecock outside of the court. Now I think about it – isn’t that the whole point of playing a game of badminton, making your opponent run about the court. I can only imagine that I must have picked up this habit from my childhood.

Maybe it’s part of my shyness and not wanting to speak up (that is a whole different issue). Who knows why I’m always saying/writing sorry but now that I have realised it, hopefully there is hope for me in stopping it. Only time will tell and maybe some friends will say in years to come, “hey you don’t say sorry anymore”. Hope that doesn’t mean I have turned in to some old moaning cow. But I will keep saying sorry when I have done something wrong or bad. Let’s also hope that I’m taller too, just by remembering to stand tall!


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