Gawd, I used to hate homework when I was at school especially in the summer when the nights were long. Too many other exciting things going on outside – playing games or riding bikes. At college I was a lot better but maybe that’s because I was doing a subject that I actually enjoyed. That was Display Design which was an arty farty course that taught you how to dress windows in shops. Nowadays they are called Visual Merchandisers. One day I might write about my college years except it was a long time ago so who knows what I can remember. Now I’m back to doing homework with my OU course and there are just times when I just can’t be bothered with it and the worst part about doing an OU course is that you don’t have a real-life tutor. In the study guides it says do these questions, which is fine and I do most of them but with no deadline or no one marking them it is a lot easier not to do them.

I’ve got my second marked assignment that is due tomorrow which I’m going to look at in a moment and submit tomorrow. Luckily it is only multiple choice questions and most of them refer to the text book that is used in the course. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute though but I’ve not had the best of weeks so it slipped my mind. The big final project is due at the end of December so I might have to take a few days off just to get that done as well as Christmas shopping (and the something called work!). Blogging sometimes feels like homework but always in a good way, even when I cannot think of anything to write about. Let’s hope I can get inspired with my course homework soon otherwise I’m going to let myself down and not pass this one.


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