Manners in London

Manners are dead on the London Underground! On a Friday night it seems even worse, as I witnessed tonight on the way home. A young man pushing pass everyone including the lady trying to get off the tube just so he could get a seat. The old lady that should have been given that seat had to stand. Nowadays, no one would ask someone to stand up so an old person can sit down – people are just too scared in case there is an argument. I have images of the 1950s when all women got a seat – a man would always give up a seat for a lady no matter her age. But then feminism got in the way and women stopped taking seats that were offered to them. So maybe that’s when it all stopped – men just gave up trying. Saying that I have seen lots of charming men on the tube who have given up their seats for those who need it more but it just doesn’t happen as often as it should.

I used to work with someone who was always impressed with manners in men. She was brought up in an era where manners meant something like holding the door open. I wonder if manners are taught at school for both girls and boys these days – I can’t remember anything like that when I was at school. I know some very well mannered people but it is easier to remember those bad incidents especially when working in central London, where everyone is always rushing about and not caring about other people.


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