Saturday’s diary

I was going to write about how my beloved Sony Vaio is slowly dying but I might save that for another day when I’m using a new laptop. So instead I’m just going to write a bit about my day. Got up around 8.30 and made some tea. Had a quick shower and then went downstairs for toast and Marmite. Got the laptop going and started my studies on Cascading Style Sheets for my web design course. Spent three hours reading and practicing before it was lunchtime. Soup and a roll. Still feeling exhausted from all the worrying I’ve been doing lately about my high blood pressure and kidney tests so had a relaxing afternoon watching the BBC adaptation of Tess of the d’Urbervilles and then updating my iTunes and iPod touch while reading more stuff about CSS. Not sure if I’ll ever remember it all by reading about coding but tomorrow there is some more practical work to do. Now I’m writing my blog before going out for dinner. Hope everyone else is having a good weekend – they do seem to fly past quicker in the winter!


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