Sneaky software

While sitting at the dining room table with the laptop in front of me, trying to think of something to write about, Norton decided it was time to run a scan but in a sneaky hoping I won’t notice way. I did wonder why everything was running slow and then I saw that Norton was awake. So I soon shut that down. I also noticed that the two different camera software that I have on the machine have the odd moment of popping up messages to tell me that there is an update available. As does the printer for photos. Microsoft is always trying to get me to update and sometimes that is just as sneaky and will update without me knowing. Then it will say restart now or later. If I say later then 20 minutes later it was tell me again. So then I have to restart the laptop. This does me an opportunity to make a drink or put some laundry on but it’s not very helpful most of the time. When I do want some software to work, it doesn’t behave itself. I just tried to download one song from iTunes but no it won’t work. Nope just tried again, it just won’t work or it has and I now have three copies of the same song! OK, managed to download the song on my iPod touch, what a wonderful little machine it is. Let’s just hope I have one copy and not four now!


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