I have images of Mr Motivator dressed in 80s Lycra while I’m writing this, now that’s not a good sign. Anyway, I was really thinking about motivation at work and at home. Over the past few months I have lost my motivation for everything – not just work but also housework, studying, running and ice-skating. Worrying and stress about my health has just got in the way and for some reason I can’t worry about things and get other things done at the same time. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel but how do I get back my (I keep wanting to say “mojo” from Austin Powers!) motivation back. Maybe having three days off next week will help. Seeing friends and family should help. A day or two to get back on track with my studies should help. But with Christmas only five weeks away I can feel the stress of that looming as well.

According to a website I found about motivation (which isn’t always such a good idea to read these sites), I need to replace the pain with pleasure and then add some pain back. So that means I need to say that every time I get some work done that it is a pleasure and to add in some pain then I have to think of other colleagues being disappointed in me for not getting the work done. The website also talks about getting past the comfort zone. That is me with running – I need to push myself more with this and stop worrying that if I feel faint or crap when I get home that it is all in my mind and that I will feel better and happy in the long run (no pun intended there!). So lets see how I get on with this new frame of mind, I might try and give regular updates on this on here.


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