Hats and boots

As the weather has taken a turn for the worse and is now somewhere between 5 and 2 degrees, I should be searching in my wardrobe for a winter woolly hat. I love hats! All types except baseball caps which don’t really suit me. Straw sun hats, knitted beanies, berets. I’ve seen a couple of good new woolly hats with a bobble on top. I’ve already got a bobble hat but it’s a North Face one so it is only good for snowy weather conditions and I can’t hear much while wearing it. Surprisingly I have seen a lot of men wearing woolly hats this year – nothing new there but these hats have the long plaits on them that I would only see on ski slopes or by girls under the age of eight. Not in London – most odd but in quite a fun way.

Also, I need to look for some new boots but as usual I can’t decide if they should be just for work or for home to wear with jeans. Finding the right boot is hard also the price of boots always puts me off. The only good thing about boots is that I don’t get blisters, thanks to thick socks. I have seen that biker boots are back in fashion – cool. I had some of these when I was at college after my DMs had gone out of fashion. I remember getting them from Shellys in Carnaby Street – now that Shellys has shut down I will have to go looking on the high street for some. Don’t think I could ever wear them for work even on casual Fridays. I don’t normally like fashions that I’ve already lived through but these boots are just one piece of an outfit. Well I be damned, I guess that means more shopping and spending money!


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