I’m a Londoner

Today I went with my mum to the National Archives in Kew, so after a hour and half train journey to get there we where hoping for big things in the family tree area. After much searching on the census from 1861-1901 for my Grandad’s side of the family I now know that I come from a long line of East End Londoners and cabinet makers. The disappointment about the National Archives was that the Births, Deaths and Marriage records are not held there and the only way to search for them is online and at £7 a go for a certificate this is going to be expensive. Also, we got told off for having a pen with us – pencils (without rubbers) are only allow in the reading room. My conclusions from this particular trip to the National Archives are:

1. take a pencil with you

2. don’t go and just used a pen at home with searching for everything online

3. it will cost a lot a money after a few years of researching your family tree

4. it will take you years to complete your family tree – most people in the National Archives all looked like they have been there for over twenty years

My mum is going to continue with the family tree so hopefully something interesting will turn up like some vodka drinking Russians or even a member of the family who has lived outside of the M25!


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