Another post about friends

I thought I would write again about my friends but I suppose that is a beauty of having ones own blog – I can write about whatever I want and repeat myself as many times as I like. So sorry about that but I wrote the paragraph below on the train while travelling home and then realised I had mentioned this quite recently.

It’s like the old saying “you don’t realise what you have got until it is gone” – I’ve known my four good friends for nearly 20 years, give or take a few years. Now that one of them is going to Australia this week and not for a holiday (but in a selfish moment maybe just a long holiday or maybe it’s really because I wish I was going with her to Oz) and I’ve been down about a lot of things lately that I’ve suddenly realised that I have really special friends. Maybe it does take something like one of us moving away to make this clear. So from now on I’m going to make much more of an effort to catch up with them either by email, text, phone or in person. Considering we all live so close it should be easy to meet up but for some reason or another it just never happens that often. So I’m dedicating this post to my bests chums in the world – Marina, Tina and Sue.


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