Sometimes it’s tough writing

When you are not feeling well or particularly in a creative mood, it’s hard to think of anything to write about. After having another specialist appointment yesterday about my small and scarred kidneys (everything is ok, just two more scans but he thought it was my white coat syndrome causing the high blood pressure) I thought I would be feeling well and normal again. But no, still feel light headed and thought I was going to fall over on the train on the way home. Maybe this is because I’ve not been sleeping properly or maybe because the train was delayed outside my station for twenty minutes. Falling over would have been hard as I was sitting down but I did feel like crap. Wish it was a cold or cough so I knew what was wrong. I’ve now come to the conclusion that I’m feeling like this because I’ve been so stressed about the doctors that either I’m suffering from somesort of post-stress or I’ve just got in to the habit of feeling like this.

Blimey I’ve been rambling on again about my health. I was actually meant to be writing about how hard it is to keep writing everyday. One of the blogs that I read has just suddenly stopped. I believe this is mainly because she has just moved house and changed jobs but considering she wrote everyday and since the beginning of November she hasn’t written a thing. Not even a “I’m shutting this down for a month or two”. I keep checking her blog now and again but if nothing gets written soon I might stop checking all together. Is it habit that keeps us bloggers writing everyday? Does it mean that if I stopped for a few days I would never get back in to it? This is why I keep spilling out my heart about my health issues so I don’t break the habit of blogging. Just got to break the “feeling ill” habit now.


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