Life – what is it all about

One of my good friends has a Psychology degree and I bumped in to her this morning on the train. After the usual chit chat she asked how I was doing and I talked about all my worries. She said I need to find out why I worry so much or do something else that would make me worry about that instead. So what do I do, a bungee jump or… I can’t think of anything else. Am I doomed to a doomed life of worrying and wondering what I have missed out on life.

Moving out of Essex might help or moving to a completely different country would be fun and scary at the same time. That would give me something to worry about. Getting a new job would be scary but what would I do and I like the people I work with. Sometimes I think studying for a degree and working part time would be fun. Worryingly that would take me up to my forties. Running a guesthouse in the Lake District would be fun but I will save that idea for when I’m a lot older. Well, I don’t know what to do but I need to start making some plans before I go insane!


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