Cucumber sandwiches anyone?

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before but my company organises an annual get together (actually lots of meetings), normally in San Francisco for all staff. I may have wrote about that it has been postponed until March instead of January but hopefully it will go ahead so I can get some shopping and drinking in! On the way home tonight I thought how exciting it would be if the meeting was held in London. As the exchange rate between the pound and dollar gets closer together one day this might be possible but for the time being I get to go to the States. As I help out with organising events in the UK then I’m always on the look out for interesting venues and things to do.

So for a week long trip for about 30 Americans from all different States there would be a lot of planning but I think London could pull it off, very much like the Olympics (hopefully). A lot would depend on the time of year but for this fantasy event I will say it would be in January ,so some ice-skating at Somerset House could be arranged. For those who don’t skate then the Ice Bar and Cafe would be suitable for light refreshment of mulled wine or an apply toddy. Another evening out would be a “flight” on the London Eye – hiring two capsules (each one holding 25 people) and a glass of champagne while admiring the sights of London. I would also organised an English Afternoon Tea at a hotel. Cucumber sandwiches and scones with cotted cream – wonderful in my opinion but I wonder how many of my colleagues would wonder at the small crusts cut-off sandwiches. For restaurants it would have to be good food but fairly priced – maybe Wagamama or the Marsala Zone for very good Japanese or curry. Also, I think I would have to find a very good English pub for all the great British classics like shepherd’s pie, fish and chips and steak and kidney pudding. It could be fun but I might have to wait for the dollar to gain more strength but that would mean less shopping for me while travelling the States – now that is a real dilemma.


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