Who saw God on the tube tonight?

Oh blimey, I’m on the tube trying to think of something to write about using my iPod touch when some young lady started preaching out loud. Lots of verses from the Bible I believe. Not that I would know that as I don’t think I’ve ever read it. Maybe Old Testament stuff when I was really young – wasn’t that to do with Adam and Eve?! And as the Bible wasn’t on the 100 Big Read I don’t think I’m ever going to read it! Oh hell who cares. She was quite loud that I could hear her over my music – thank God for the iPod in these tricky times! Three stops and she is still going for it. I’ve got nothing against people believing in their religion and God but nothing is worse than preachers. Why can’t preachers be more like the Salvation Army where they don’t preach and maintain a dignify approach to religion by entertaining the masses with brass bands. So now I’m on another train and left her talking on the tube – narrowly misseing the lightening bolt from her by not conforming!

It is amazing what can happen on the way home but at least I had something to write about. Talking about the over zealous types, I have found many times that a lot of people write “God” blogs. On WordPress.com there is a “magic take me to a random blog” arrow, which sometimes when bored, I will click away at. I would say that seven out of ten of the random blogs are about religion either really heavy or just subtly about it. I will start to read a quite interesting post and then half-way down God pops up. Then I stop reading and quickly click on the arrow for the next one or go back to Google with a “whew, that was close”. I don’t know what it is but God fearing people scare me and I hate having other people’s opinions rammed down my throat.


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