Today’s observations

I really should be writing out my Christmas cards but decided it was more fun to have a beer and write this instead. Couldn’t actually think of a “theme” to write about today so here are some observations instead:

1. It warmed up really quickly today – after almost the whole of December in temperatures of 5 degrees celsius or below, suddenly it is now 10 degrees and feels surprisingly warm. Typically, I start getting used to the cold weather and now it’s barmy. That most probably means rain is on its way.

2. Saw a man today who looked like a cross between Hercule Poirot, Inspector Clouseau and there was a tiny bit of Hitler about him. A very strange mix but I suppose I did notice him amongst the all the other people on the train platform.

3. The buskers are really rather good in Covent Garden. Normally I just rush from the office to Embankment Station via the back streets as to miss the tourists and shoppers. This evening I had to get some wrapping paper from my favourite stationery shop which meant walking through the centre of Covent Garden. The buskers that I heard and saw where really good – during the day it’s more entertainment types like magicians. In the evening it is singers with guitars – singing U2 songs! Still I didn’t stay for long as it was already late and I had to get home to write this of course!


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