Woowho, Christmas is over

OK, Christmas wasn’t that bad but it’s still a pain in the arse before, during and afterwards. Christmas day was at my in-laws, with eight adults, two kids and two babies. Busy and noisy. Luckily I took my cocktail bar with me, so I could have Manhattans all day. I even got my brother-in-law drinking the rye whiskey. Christmas was nice but as always my mother-in-law didn’t get to eat much (a classic Peter Kay observation) and then everyone was full up with food by four in the afternoon. Then mayhem ensured as it was present opening time. As always there was one too many presents for all the kids. More eating and drinking in the evening but a few good games of Boggle and chatting made the evening whizz past. Followed by an extremely uncomfortable night on an air mattress. Fun, fun, fun!

Boxing day was at my parents, which is always a much quieter affair – just six adults. A quick exchange of gifts in the morning and a lovely dinner of roast potatoes, turkey (veggie kiev for me) and Christmas pudding for dessert. Christmas pud is definitely one of the best things about Christmas. Spent most of the evening playing Monopoly, which my brother’s girlfriend won! I always seemed to end up in jail and was the first to be made bankrupt! So now it is all over and all I’ve got to do now is find places for the gifts that I was given. I didn’t do too bad this year – new travel iPod speakers (after the last ones broke), Sex and the City DVD, jeans, hats, make-up and lots of books: Stephen Fry in America, My Grammar and I, Bleak House, The Count of Monte Cristo, A Prayer for Owen Meany and The Grapes of Wrath. So the plan over the next few days is lots of reading while listening to music on the new speakers while wearing the new jeans and if it gets chilly I’ve got a selection hats to wear! Now that is fun!!


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