Happy New Year!

Ah, another New Year’s Eve to celebrate. Almost as bad as Christmas and I’m not saying this because I’m getting older and cannot get many friends to come out for the evening. New Year’s Eve has always been an anti-climate. Expecting so much from it and then it is always rubbish. For years I have spent a ton of money on tickets for clubs or pubs, spent money on overpriced taxis and drinks are always double the price to what they normally are. The past few years I have been away in the Lake District for New Year which is a much nicer experience compared to being near the City. A nice walk on the mountains the following day is always a good way to start the year.

This year we are going in to the City and hoping to watch some fireworks on the South Bank. But this might all depend on the weather as I have heard it will be going down to -5C tonight, so might just stay in the pub (if we can find one that is free to get into) or come back to Essex early. Is that another sign of getting old when getting home early doesn’t sound that bad at all or it could just be that I’ve still got a cold and the idea of being warm indoors sounds more appealing. Anyway, hope everyone has a fab New Year’s Eve and all the best for 2009!


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