Current Affairs – Israel and Gaza

I’ve been thinking that I should write about current affairs a bit more often on here. Maybe once a week, maybe at the weekends when I have more time to write. As I only check the BBC News website and buy the Sunday Times, my repertoire on current affairs might be limited but I’m hoping as I get more in to writing about it I might find other good news sites to read. I was also reading another blog today and it had a post about how fast blogs grow and one point was to write about current issues because that is what people search for. So here we go (this feels a bit like doing homework…) a piece on today’s current news. Israel and Gaza.

From a non-educated view (no degree and my brain doesn’t seem to hold important stuff like it used to) and I have to admit that I haven’t really been following the news over the Christmas holidays, so I most probably have missed tons of important details about the Israeli offensive on Gaza. The whole Israel and Palestine affair seems to come and go in the news but there is always an occurring theme – children are normally the victims of these “wars”. From the pieces that I have managed to retain about the whole matter is that the British (back in the days when we had some real power) gave the Jewish population, that had settled in the Middle East, land that was owned by the Muslims (Palestine). Hence a civil war started and I believe hasn’t really stopped, no matter how many peace treaties have been drawn up. From the maps that I have seen on the current conflict it makes me wonder if the real issue is land and not religion, as religion seems to come across in the news as the problem. The Muslims would like their homeland back and the Jews don’t want to give it up (was it their homeland years before the Palestines lived there?) or maybe controversial they would like to take the whole of the land which according to Wikipedia was called the British Mandate of Palestine. I’m not always 100% sure about the accuracy of Wikipedia but if I look on the BBC website for background on the whole affair it seems to just cover the basics.

From a British point of view we should never have done what we did after the war – given someone else’s land to another group but we were quite good at that back in the British Empire days. Not sure if this “war” will ever end but the more powerful Israelis do seem to have the upper hand. In all honest opinion I feel that the Israelis should stop the bombing and I’m not the only one by the accounts of demonstrations that have been going on in London and other European cities, calling for a ceasefire. As always with “wars” the propaganda and politics around them, who knows what to think or who is right or wrong. Lets hope there is a ceasefire soon and the killing stops.


2 Responses to “Current Affairs – Israel and Gaza”

  1. 1 Jo January 4, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    Well there you go. I have found you.

    Are you on Twitter? Chris Hambly who goes by the handle of @audio is ralling his followers to take a deeper interest in what is happening.

    You will meet heaps of British bloggers there. Check out @audio’s followers. I am @jobucks there.

    • 2 Michelle Best January 4, 2009 at 4:12 pm

      Hello, there. Most probably but not very surprisingly I am already on Twitter and I already follow @audio (I think that is how I found your site). And yes, there is a rather interesting conversation going on about the conflict – that is one of the great things about Twitter. Thanks for comment.

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