Back to school (sorry meant work)

For a vast majority of people tomorrow will be a “back to work” day, a bit like going back to school after the summer holidays. Dreading it but also looking forward to catching up with friends and getting back to normality. This can’t be true for shop workers, hotel and bar staff etc, who find this time of year one of the busiest and don’t get much time off. I’ve had the ten days off work and spent most of it at home doing stuff. Not really exciting stuff but it was nice to catch up on sleep. I think that is why I normally work during the Christmas period so not to waste my annual leave on doing nothing. So what have I done, apart from Christmas and Boxing Day which don’t really count as holiday as I’m just pleasing everyone else and not doing what I would like to do (which is? not telling, hahaha!).

Got in to the habit of going to bed late and getting up late – tomorrow is going to be a big shock when the alarm goes off at 6am. Starting reading three books – Stephen Fry in America, My Grammar and I and How’s Your Drink. The Stephen Fry book is going well and seems to be my book of choice at the moment. As it’s an enormous hardback book I won’t be carrying it around on the train next week so I will go back to War Peace. Stephen Fry will have to be my bedtime book. I got two new albums – Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver and I’ve being listening to various other music during the past week or so. Got my home office all set up and already there is a mess on my desk. Been for a couple of walks over the fields in the frosty weather. Watched a few films. Had my hair cut. Went shopping in London. Caught a cold. Had a curry with friends and got immensely excited by their new Labrador puppy. Cleaned the downstairs windows and bagged up a huge bag of old clothes for charity. Practised some HTML. Played hide and seek with my six year old niece. Drunk a lot of alcohol especially Manhattans and beer. Eaten too many bad foods but at least my black jeans have stopped falling down. So here is back to normality, eating better and doing some exercise, speaking to other people and reading on the train. Not so sure about getting up early while it’s still dark though.


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