Snow and sleep

Five days in to the New Year (I wonder if New Year should in capitals?? another grammar question…) and we had a first snowfall in Essex for 2009. It was very exciting to see it in this morning and I went to work all wrapped up and wearing Timberland-style boots to make my way to the station. Ten minutes later I’m at the station and everything is soaked from the sleet and snow. Not much fun when getting on to a warm train. By the time I got to the City it had stopped snowing and there was no evidence that it had ever snowed. It was still bitterly cold so I didn’t feel such an idiot in all my damp winter paraphernalia. By the time I got home tonight all the snow had gone except for a few patches. It is still really cold out and it may snow again tonight – woowho. Can you tell that I like the snow!

Now for some sleep. After waking up around 5.45 this morning but not being physically able to get out of bed I laid awake for about an hour before venturing out of bed. So now I’m really tired, after not much sleep, travelling and being at work all day. Why is it you always feel like you need another holiday after a holiday? Anyway, on that note it’s night time and I need some sleep. Goodnight or if you are reading this in the morning, hope you had a good night’s sleep.

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