An adventure

I think I need an adventure, something exciting and scary at the same time. Fun scary! I could do the usual things like a bungee jump or swimming with sharks but those just seem too easy (maybe too easy to chicken out of, methinks). Now, this is all part of my mid life crisis so it needs to be something I do on my own and while drinking down the pub last week we came up with the idea of me living aboard for a couple of months. My husband seems perfectly OK with this so that is handy. I just need to see if I can get my work to think it is a good idea as well. Considering I work for an American company and most of my colleagues work from their homes, it shouldn’t be a problem and as it will only be for a couple of months I could go on a holiday visa.

I think most of this stems from not doing any travelling when I was in the my twenties. No travelling around Asia and Australia or going on a kibbutz. Going to Australia for three weeks and staying in nice hotels most probably don’t count as travelling but I think I’m past the age for living out of a giant rucksack. Living aboard could be a great experience and might give me the confidence and life skills that I seem to be searching for. So I have been thinking that somewhere in the US of A could be a good place to go (also handy for work) and I almost understand the language (hee hee, sorry my American friends). So where to go in the giant country like America – I had three suggestions from my US colleagues today – Seattle, Philadelphia or Minneapolis. Vancouver in Canada was also mentioned as a good place to go. I could always go to San Francisco where my work headquarters is based but I’ve been to San Fran twice before so it wouldn’t be anywhere new. So I’m still in the thinking stage but I would like to do this. So many times I have said I will do something and then never do it – so watch this space to see what happens. Maybe a bungee jump would be easier to do!


3 Responses to “An adventure”

  1. 1 Cynical Scribble January 6, 2009 at 11:51 pm

    Every male I know would love their other half to go away for a few months. Your husband must think all his christmas’ have come at once! A couple of months on his own and it’ll be like when Marge Simpson leaves Homer for a day – he’s in heaven. Walking around in his underpants and slobbing on the couch whilst a nice pile of Duff cans builds up around his body!

    Good idea about the traveling though. I’ve hardly traveled abroad and never to USA so no suggestions as such, but if it’s possible, why not try and go to as many cities as possible? If you didn’t have to be based in one city and you can work from ‘home’, you can work from a hotel: 2 weeks in New York, 2 weeks in Seattle, 2 weeks in Philadelphia, 2 weeks in Boston etc.

    • 2 Michelle Best January 7, 2009 at 9:16 pm

      Hah, what an imagine I have of Homer Simpson in my lounge now!! That’s not a bad idea about travelling around, I’ll look in to that as well. I would be like a travelling salesman except I can’t sell for toffee which is lucky that I’m not in sales. I need to get a travel book on the America to work out where to go.

      Well done for writing two very neat paragraphs – your training is almost complete! 🙂

  2. 3 Cynical Scribble January 6, 2009 at 11:52 pm

    PS look at that…2 dead neat paragraphs like you always do, whoo hoo, gold star to me!

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