Writing on the train

Yay it’s Friday and I’m writing this on my iPod touch on the tube. I’m shattered after a walk of work and lack of sleep. Dreamt about zombies last night after watching Dead Set, which for a TV show (and I only saw the last episode) but it was brilliantly written, directed and acted. I’ve seen one too many films that were ten times worse than that. But it has been a good week at week – I don’t think I have had so many conf calls/meeting in one week ever. It was really nice to chat to people in person. Also, I feel almost back to normal – I think I have got over my “worrying” stage, that is until the next lot of scans on my tiny kidneys (when I book them that is). Even travelling on the train is better, I don’t feel like I’m going to have a panic attack. Learning to breathe properly has helped with that, I’m sure. Let’s hope it just keeps getting better.

So, I really should be writing this in San Francisco but as my company decided to postponed our company meeting I’m still in London. So I’m staying with friends at weekend in Chesham to make up for not being in the US of A. I’ll get to see some hilly countryside which should be lovely in this chilly but sunny weather. I’ve also created a new “on the go” playlist on my iPod so if I can find the right lead then I can play my iPod in the car tomorrow while driving. Bargin of the week was the free download of the “Little Boots” single. I’m liking her sound at the moment, along with the Bon Iver album. Well, I’m nearly at my station so that’s all folks, happy Friday everyone!


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