Thank goodness for my ipod touch

I was going to write about my weekend away in Chesham, which was lovely, but my home laptop has decided to stop charging and the battery is down to 7%. With the annoying pop-up window telling me this every two seconds I thought it wise to not use it tonight. Thankfully, I have my iPod touch to use for my blogging, twittering and all internet usage. So I will be trying to get my Vaio fixed next week and using my credit card to buy a new laptop. Now, you ask why fix the old one. Well, the main reason is that all the photos and music is stored on it plus I’m going to buy myself a Mac and I will have to have a Windows machine in the house for work proposes. I feel a huge expense looming next week.

Back to my original idea for this post – my weekend away. An hour’s drive around the M25 and I was in Buckinghamshire, Chesham to be exact. I stayed with my work friend K and her family in their home which handily has a guest room with an en-suite. It was noticeably cooler in Bucks with a frosty back drop to everything. We all went for a walk in Wendover Woods with snow still on the ground after a yummy lunch of homemade soup. K surprised me with birthday cake and candles (my birthday is on Tuesday), Happy Birthday sung to me and a present! I’ve not had candles on a cake in years and had to get 4-year old Isabel to help me with blowing them out! Had an evening eating pizza, playing on the Wii and the watching the film Stardust. Today, we all went for a lunch of scampi and chips at a country pub. Got home this afternoon fully fed and had thoroughly enjoyed myself being away. Now it is Sunday evening and I’m chilling out on the sofa with a Manhattan – what a good weekend!


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