What are you listening to?

This morning while walking to the office I was curious about what everyone else was listening to on their iPods, MP3 players or mobile phones. I was listening to Conor Oberst’s version of Corina Corina at the time of this thought. Would strangers think that I was the sort of person to listen to an American singer/song writer, that most of the UK haven’t heard of. I have most of the Prodigy records on my iPod and if Smack My Bitch Up came on would the same strangers be surprised again? I suppose what I am getting at is there a stereotype for what type/age/class of person and what music they should listen to?

Maybe people would think I should be listening to something crap like Leona Lewis or Take That – music typical for an 35-year-old female. Is the man who wears a biker jacket in to heavy rock or the lady over 50 listening to classical? Is there a stereotype that every white male aged between 20-35 from Manchester listens to Oasis? Or every American listens to hillbilly country all the time while dancing in a line? And every black man is into hip hop? If I had an iPod about five years ago then it would have been full of late 1990s dance music. I still have a few selected favourites on my iPod but I don’t listen to them every often nowadays. I wonder if people would expect me to listen to dance music as well. It just shows how stereotypes are everywhere in life but at least with music no matter how some sounds aren’t just your taste, it is a great way to make friends, keep friends and find lots of exciting new music from friends.


3 Responses to “What are you listening to?”

  1. 1 katrina January 13, 2009 at 4:32 am

    what touches us about singers and music is something very personal. The stereotypes are really no longer valid……i’m 57 and have been listening to and going to Bright Eyes concerts for the past 7 years. In the old-olden days, my fave musician-singers were Bowie, Roxy Music and Elvis Costello. Conor is not really of the same genre as them, but something about his voice, his articulatly painted lyrics has possessed me….and now i love everything he does.

  2. 2 Michelle Best January 13, 2009 at 10:30 am

    thanks for the comment and yes, I agree there is something about Conor Oberst’s voice and lyrics that are wonderfully possessing. You are very lucky to have seen Bright Eyes so many times. Just seeing him at the Electric Ballroom in Camden last year with the Mystic Valley Band was amazing!

  3. 3 Kate W January 13, 2009 at 4:30 pm

    My playlist consists solely of what my husband refers to as “guilty pleasures” – I can’t decide whether that means it’s something he doesn’t like, or whether it’s stuff which most people really do think is rubbish. So it’ll include a weird range from Bon Jovi to Stereophonics to the Eagles to Chicago to Garth Brooks. And right now it also includes a Quebecois folk band called Mauvais Sort whom I saw live at a folk festival in Nova Scotia last year, and they were great. And even better, my daughter loves it too, hee hee hee!

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