I’ve joined the cool crowd

Today I did my bit in keeping the economy going by spending some money on a new laptop and now I have joined the cool crowd by getting a Mac! A MacBook Pro to be precise!! Woowho! The excitement of wandering in to the Apple store this afternoon was nearly way too much for me but I managed to stop myself for acting a complete fool and find a member of staff to help with my purchase.  Not that I had to find a member of staff as the Apple Store always has hundreds of staff.  My choice was between a MacBook and a MacBook Pro, this was mainly down to cost but after having much thought on it I decided on the Pro. Maybe that’s why buying anything on a credit card is not good – the idea of this being real cash doesn’t register and I do have the habit of buying the most expensive thing I can. Still, it wasn’t as expensive as my Vaio was when I got that nearly five years ago. So I handed over my credit card and purchased my MacBook Pro. Off I went with a rather silly grin and got back in the car to drive home.

Since getting home all I have done is play around with the new laptop as if it was Christmas and I just got that Lego set I always wanted! Starting it up was so easy – 10 times easier than I remember from when I got my Vaio. I installed Firefox and Skype, got my favourite sites bookmarked and got my purchased music on my new iTunes.  Tomorrow I’m going to put the few CDs that I like on there as well and I have a major downloading time from the iTunes store. I hadn’t been able to do that for a while since the memory evaporated completely on the Vaio. Most people who have a Mac most probably know this but I can’t believe how easy it is to use. After years of using a Windows machine and knowing that back to front, I thought using a Mac would be hard, hell no, it is piss easy! (my Essex accent is coming out now in excitement!). OK, it takes a bit of working out on how to find and use everything but I like using new things and having a play around so I was perfectly happy spending time on that. Now I just want to spend as much time as possible using it and finding out what it can do. I love my MacBook Pro!!


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