My own iTunes library

After my exciting purchase yesterday, I now have full control over my own iTunes library. My husband has had a couple of iPod for years now and on the old laptop he had control over the iTunes library. I just created my own playlist on my new Mac and have selected all the albums that I like. Now I get to choose which CDs I like to import on to the library, which means I don’t have to Coldplay or Frank Sinatra on there. I don’t mind both of those but I don’t really want them on my library or iPod. So, I raided the shelf were the CDs are kept and I have so far downloaded Scissor Sisters, Roisin Murphy, The Prodigy, Fleet Foxes and Arctic Monkeys on to my new library. I can’t imagine how much time it would take download hundreds of CDs, just downloading the few that I like it taking it’s time but at least I’m getting the chance to write this and read the Sunday paper at the same time.

Along with my purchased records (from iTunes) I have quite a collection building up. A collection of no specific genre but I would say a majority of them are in the “alternative” section. I also got a few podcasts to resubscribe to and a few purchases to make and then I’m ready to sync my iPod touch to my Mac. Now that I have 250GB of memory instead of 30GB like my old laptop I can download as much as I like including films and comedy shows.  I’m now signing off as I have a £25 iTunes gift card to spend!


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