Working women

I don’t write about work very often or do I and I’ve just blocked it out. Anyway, I might have a moan about it and hopefully it won’t be a sacking offence. As a friend said to me once I won’t end up in jail by my ramblings, unlike the poor Australian who got jailed for three years in Thailand for writing a small piece about the Thai monarchy. Most of what I do at work I really like, I like all my colleagues and the company I work for but I have the “pleasant” task of helping out for the UK events. I like organising events but I’ve only got experience in small breakfast events or the Christmas lunch, so helping out for much bigger events with a team based in the States is frustrating the hell out of me. It’s all about control and when organising an event that I have no control over is miserable. I’m hanging around waiting for others to let me know when and what I can work on. Normally there is some sort of mess to fix and it always seems to be last minute. Luckily there aren’t too many events to help out with but it is definitely one aspect of my job that fills me with apprehension. Once the economy picks up I have the ideal friend who could do the event organising so much better than me and enjoy it at the same time.

After sorting out the issues around the event late this afternoon I got on with much more exciting stuff in the shape of graphics for our website. Which meant I left work at seven – I don’t mind at all because I had something fun to do and with my colleagues in the States, late afternoon and early evening is the only chance I get to chat with them. But I realised that there are double standards between men and women with working late. If I (or any other female friend I know) works late then normally other people (mostly family) will say that is terrible and that I/we shouldn’t be working late. Whereas if a man works late then I’ve never heard anyone else say that is terrible but is normally looked at as if it is a good thing and that they hold very important jobs to warrant working late. Makes me wonder if feminism is still alive… maybe women shouldn’t be working hard at work and should be chained to the kitchen sink instead!


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