Recession, what recession?

I went to the Apple Store today to purchase a nice brown laptop bag for my MacBook Pro and by the abundance of people in the Apple Store and in the shopping centre, you would never think there was a recession on.  OK, I can’t say if people were buying stuff but to be out and about in shops must either mean people are bored and cold or are looking to spend some money.  It’s been commented on Twitter that I’m single handedly keeping the economy alive by buying a MacBook Pro last week and spending a small fortune on new glasses this morning – just the eye test was £22 alone and frames are expensive anyway without the lenses and I only wear them now and again. Should really wear them once a week but I prefer contact lenses.  Then I got a laptop bag for the MBP and also upgraded the iLife package that didn’t come with the laptop(!) but it was only £7.95.

So, am I keeping the economy alive by spending money? I’m sure my small part is helping and I’m sure others out there are doing the same. I suppose I am one of the lucky ones – I have a job that I enjoy and hopefully is safe. I’m pretty confident that it is but if not then it would only open up new opportunities. The Bank of England keeps reducing interest rates which means my mortgage has gone down. My gambler instinct paid off this time with my tracker mortgage and in about 4 months it must have got cheaper by about £300. Gas and petrol has gone down so that helps as well.  The only issue that I’m having at the moment is the weak pound against the dollar. I’ve been researching my trip and I’ve found some extended hotels in Philadelphia and Chicago with the average of $70 a night, which is about £50. Not bad, I suppose, but I’m just gutted that last year it would have been £35 a night. Let’s hope the pound gets a bit stronger otherwise if I do this trip then I will be paying for it well after it has finished.


2 Responses to “Recession, what recession?”

  1. 1 thabighookup January 25, 2009 at 2:27 pm

    Hi!! I am glad to read that you are an avid shopper. My name is Dionne and I have an online coupon site that lists the latest deals and promo codes for over 160 stores. I am sure with all of your shopping saving some money along the way would be ideal. I would love to have you visit my site and leave me a comment on what you think on my blog. I hope you are having a great day!

  2. 2 Gem February 1, 2009 at 10:36 pm

    Nice. I have a Macbook but lately, people here in our country (Philippines) are saving up because of an economic crisis. A lot of Filipinos are getting laid off and companies are closing down. I am blessed that like you, I have a work that I get to enjoy. So is my husband. However, we cannot think of traveling as of the moment. We’re saving up for the future but traveling will come later on. April or May perhaps if God willing.

    Btw, this is rather an interesting topic that you have. (wink wink) 😉

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