Woowho! Payday is tomorrow (or today if you are reading this on Friday). Not that I’m broke from it being an incredibly long month but it’s always feels nice when payday arrives.  Over the years the actual date for being paid has been very varied for me and it is amazing how there is no real set date for companies to follow. My first full time job I got paid on the last Wednesday of every month by direct debit – I always knew when payday was and then I joined my current employee. As a small company payday was quite random and always by cheque. Basically it always depended on cashflow but we always got paid before the end of the month. Then the Americans took us over and then we got paid by direct debit or maybe that was before the Americans – all I know it has been in the past 2-3 years that we no longer receive cheques. Payday was suddenly always around the 28th of the month, then we were apparently aligned with our US colleagues and now we get paid on the last day of every month. Which is fine but slightly scary as a lot of my direct debits go out on the 1st.  I don’t fancy having any charges for late payments.

Number one on the payment list is my credit card. One MacBook Pro, various software applications for the Mac, a laptop bag and new glasses are all on there, totalling a rather large sum. Luckily I have some savings to pay it off so I won’t have to pay any interest but it also means that I can’t buy anything new until February payday. I’m going to have to be very restrained. I can’t think of any other big payments (apart from the usual household bills) for the month of February so I should be able to make it. Watch this space in case I slip off the wagon and start spending in a “willy nilly” way. Talking of booze I’ve nearly run out of rye whiskey so I am stating on here that whiskey comes under food and beverages so I am able to purchase that next week. Heh, what a great excuse for some shopping!


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