iTunes and dreams – two completely different topics

Now that I have my iTunes on my beloved Mac and I use my Mac everyday, I normally play music through my iTunes while writing my blog or if I’m just playing around with it and the internet. Yesterday, I noticed the ‘Play count’ which counts how many times I have played a certain song. Maybe because I work for a consultancy firm I found the numbers for which songs I have played the most really interesting – almost like a top ten! So here is the top ten for most played songs on my iTunes starting with number one.

  1. This is not a test – She & Him
  2. Charge is hard – She & Him
  3. Struck on repeat – Little Boots
  4. Blood Bank – Bon Iver
  5. Meddle – Little Boots
  6. A-Punk – Vampire Weekend
  7. Feeling Sorry – The Points
  8. Gentleman’s Pact – Conor Oberst
  9. My Delirium – Ladyhawke
  10. Corina Corina – Conor Oberst

I might update this once a week to see how it changes – interesting to see what songs drop off the list after getting bored with them and which new music joins the list. Of course, the non-movers will be interesting.

The other topic on mind today is dreams. Last night I had two dreams that I can actually remember and both were about the same subject. Not a nightmare or one of those strange dreams where you are trying to run but can’t move but two quite nice dreams. I’m not going to write about my dreams on here as they involve some other people that I know but I can understand why I dreamt what I did. It just brought the issues to the front of my mind. Dreams can do that – brings the sub-conscious thoughts to the top of the agenda, once you have worked out what they were all about.  I’m not a dream expert nor do I have any reason to become an expert but it is interesting analysing my own dreams when I can actually remember them.


4 Responses to “iTunes and dreams – two completely different topics”

  1. 1 Espen January 31, 2009 at 7:57 pm

    Hey, you should try spotify: It is like itunes but only online, you have access to almost any music you want and it is free. It is currently in Beta testing stage but I am sure you can get an account if you sign up for it.

    Just a heads up I guess 😛

    I realize that I sound like someone trying to push something dogdy. hehehe. But spotify is really good.

  2. 3 Mike February 1, 2009 at 10:30 pm

    Ohh shit! I think that top-played list closely matches mine right now.

  3. 4 Michelle Best February 2, 2009 at 9:54 am

    Mike, that’s because you recommended most of them to me. Would also mean that if we ever went on a road-trip there wouldn’t be any arguments over the music 🙂

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