The white stuff

The white cold stuff that falls from the sky not the white powder that people put up their noses – and I’m most probably joining the band-wagon for writing about the snow but it is a big thing in the England, even if there is a tiny whiff of it. Not everyone likes snow but I love it, especially fresh lovely snow. Tomorrow it will most probably turn icy and after a few days it will turn all brown and horrible. That is the most disappointing thing about snow in the UK, it never lasts longer than a couple of days. Most of the South East came to a standstill today as it always does but I’m lucky as I can work from home. Well, almost but since my Vaio is giving up the ghost I can’t use my Illustrator to create graphics so until I get my arse in to gear and order my new work laptop then working from home will be limited. I did walk to the station this morning but it was mayhem there so decided it was best to come back home. I did have an amusing time though watching the cars trying to make it up the very small hill by the station. The disruption even made the New York Times!

Snowing across the fields
Snow across the fields

The other joys of working from home today while it was still snowing was: watching the snow fall, seeing the local kids having snowball fights, going for a walk over the fields at lunchtime (some photos above and below) and coming across a variety of huge 3ft snowballs in the streets. Tried to bring one home but just couldn’t shift the thing! So instead I made a tiny snowman for the front step with some buttons that I had for eyes. Couldn’t find anything for the nose, all the carrots where too big for the little thing. Anyway, it was a fun day, I just wish it would snow more often!


Local church

Smallest snowman in Essex

Smallest snowman in Essex


2 Responses to “The white stuff”

  1. 1 Otto Mann February 2, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    Oi mate, I thought this was gonna be ’bout cocaine then.

  2. 2 Kate W February 3, 2009 at 9:48 am

    I love the ickle snowman, he’s so cute! Better than our Dalek effort which is just scary. Feels like we should put up a sign saying “beware of the snowman”.

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