Friday night out?!

I don’t think I have had a Friday night out in ages… what a sorry state of affairs that is.  I remember in my late teens and early twenties I was always out on a Friday night either clubbing or down the pub. I’m not sure if age or lack of friends to go out with is the cause for the lack of “outness” (is that a real word?). All I know is that I quite enjoy my Friday nights in nowadays, drinking Manhattans, writing my blog and listening to music. Also, now that Jonathan Ross is back on the box, I can watch that too. The sad part about this is that I don’t even have kids to use as the excuse for not going out.  I’m quite glad I am in tonight though as it has been one hell of a week – good in the respect that I’ve been busy and learning exciting stuff like uploading images that I have created to our company website and learning hacker speak like 1337. But it’s been bad in the late night working – getting home at 8.45pm and having my dinner at 9pm, like I did on Wednesday, just kills me after a while. Not sure if it is the lack of sleep (my habit of waking up during the night seems worse at the moment) or just the long days. Still I prefer to be busy, stops me worrying about other things.

But now it is the beginning of the weekend and all the business of the weekend to take care of. Basically all the things that I keep putting off or thinking during the week, saying to myself “I will do that at the weekend”, but what actually happens is nothing I plan to do gets done. This weekend I’m having my hair cut tomorrow afternoon, I also plan to go for a run and my nieces want to go ice-skating on Sunday. Along with some food shopping and my usual spending a good few hours on the computer the weekend will be over before I know it. I’m even thinking that if I get time I might continue with my HTML/CSS learning. I’m hoping to add some sleeping and drinking in as well. Of course, it is that weekend so drinking is obligatory. Happy Friday!

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